Monday, August 19, 2013

Levi's~Party In Your Pants

Levi's Vintage flashback to circa 1972 "Party in your Pants" this past Saturday (held at a private 40 acre estate in Topanga Canyon) was by far the coolest event I've been to in awhile. I've always felt that I should have experienced life in that decade ~ so the hippie within me felt lucky to get a taste of it with this backyard style music scene with badass bands playing classic Dead tunes and much, much more...

Presented by KLVC, the aesthetic of this day long affair held to true hippie form....tie dye and flower crown stations, peace signs, flared denim, BBQ and booze options of Schlitz, PBR or good ol' Jack Daniels (what else do you need), cowboy boots, fringe, tee-pee tents, army style water cantinas...and for more entertainment the biggest Twister mat I've ever seen across from a playground complete with see-saws.

Musical highlights included Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) Chevy Metal Stones tribute project performed mid-day, joined by none other than band mate/founder Dave Grohl, who of course blew everyone's mind. The fact that Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana was enough in itself to get me overly excited about seeing him perform live.Things continued to remain awesome when Jonathan Wilson and his talented band took the stage covering Grateful Dead songs that resulted in an actual 'people-pile' of hippies front stage. The evening closed out to the anticipated Dawes tribute to The Band....watching the sunset behind the mountains surrounded by the reunion of my best friends/LA family was one of the most memorable moments of Summer (so far).

On the outfit note...the Rock-n-Roll Fantasy halter top I recently bought at an LA pop up store was the perfect thing to wear -- AND, the designer of Idylwild spotted me at the event and turned out to be sitting with friends of mine. How kismet! I would have worn a pair of Levi jeans (seriously still my favorite brand of denim/not just sayin' -have quite a variety)...but the heat factor just wasn't working.

Lastly, let's not forget the point of this entire shindig...Levi's clever marketing strategy for it's 'old/new' Orange Tab collection ~ a collection Levi's introduced in 1969 and made until the late 70's....which has been recreated and hits stores Friday!! In the meantime, it can be found at Levi's Vintage website.
hangin' with the ladies.....
Heyoka Leather designers Angie and Leslie Crow (opposite ends) and Margaret Sche of The Sche Report
Musician Johnathan Rice kicking things off...(I remember liking him from his track on Walk The Line)
Bandit Brand designer Jen, photographer Alexandra Valenti, and Margaret Sche of The Sche Report
Rock-n-Roll Fantasy halter tank by Idylwild -- follow on twitter HERE
Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl  layin' down the Stones (photo from Live Music Blog)
Jonathan Wilson nailing The Grateful Dead....
My buddy's Bull Riding action!! (what see-saw, that thing was crazy). above and below pics by The Sche Report
(All photos by me /unless noted).