Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hello from the other Side

Even though I'm not sure I like Adele's hit song from being completely outplayed, (it's all they have been playing at work the last 2 months) I know looking back it will remind me of this time, November and December. A lot went on. From our 3rd annual house party, road tripping for Thanksgiving in Arizona, adopting a stray cat who showed up on our back and was too affectionate to resist, holiday parties in the Hollywood hills, my bf's birthday, chopping my hair into a 'lob', decorating for Christmas, sitting on Santa's lap, our charity day at work to the La Food bank, my first time to The Magic Castle, attending fashion shows, checking out the Last Bookstore in DTLA, holiday treats overload at the agency, bike rides, walks around the lake in Echo Park, and like usual, lots of time with friends....


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