Sunday, January 3, 2016

YES! (Christmas Tour)

Two days before leaving to both of our home towns for the holidays (making the rounds), my dude drove me up to the hollywood hills, walked me out to a lookout point under the stars, made up a story about going out there to see a new Jim Morrison plaque - but instead got down on his knee, opened a little box with a little light shining down on a shimmering ring, and asked me to marry him!! Definitely the biggest surprise of my life. I about died - shaking knees and pretty sure I said 'Oh My God' about 10 times before saying YES/helping him to stand back up! We took one 'selfie' which is now probably my favorite picture of us to date. The next night my best friend came over with a bottle of Veuve to celebrate, which made everything feel that much more real. Getting engaged made going back home that much better, having the chance to celebrate with our family and friends who have given us so much love and support along the way. I always had a calm feeling about him, Jack, my I knew this was it, he was the one. They say you just know and I see now it's true. Yes! Perma-grin still in full effect :)

FIRST STOP - Phoenixille, PA
Exploring nearby town Chesterville in the rain, seeing the house Jack grew up in, stopping by to see our favorite cemetery (where we think we should be buried one day), engagement dinner with my family-to-be, strolling through Valley Forge/hiking through the thorn bushes we accidentally got stuck in, eating too much of the best pizza in PA (nutella included), small town bar hopping, Christmas day celebrating, Jack winning the annual ping pong tournament per usual, wine every night and the trip ending in a teepee at a house party with the old high school crew. Also, most important and not pictured -  sleeping past Noon every-single-day. 
The wine consumption continued every day, quality time with my mom, celebrating post-Christmas at my cousins all the girls+Jack, whiskey on the rocks with dad, my best friend from high school's birthday where all my old besties reunited for the first time in years, running the track at the Jr High school near my house, drinks by the fire with my lifelong friend and her husband, and to end the trip - BBQ at one of the best, original spots in Dallas..........

Home sweet home. So nice after a long day of traveling on NYE to have your friend/neighbor invite you down to her place for a home cooked dinner...more red wine...dessert, and of course champagne at midnight. She also broke out a vodka bottle that you can only buy in Mongolia (where she is from) - which we had to open and sip on. The potato was sin the bottle, pretty cool. We made it about an hour past midnight before it was time to crash...with our new adopted cuddly addition, Pablo.


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