Friday, September 9, 2016


Was lucky to not only be backstage at the Monse show at NYFW, but to also see my favorite Aunt in action (who was helping produce the show). When IRIS walked in we all about fainted - what an icon and true artisan. That was a highlight - I totally plan on wearing a bright boa when/if  I'm ever 97! Also fun seeing one of the models I use to rep in LA now working in NY and on the show - we stared at each other for a minute backstage before assuring ourselves that it 'was' the other person! It had been 5 years since my last Nyfw ...probably my favorite time of year in the city (aside from Christmas)..the energy is like none other...

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  1. The stripe dress is so cute. Just like my new bought knee length skirts and dresses, so fashionatic. I love to wear it on my casual days.