Sunday, September 11, 2016

Brooklyn & LES

After my NYFW fix, hanging out for the weekend in Brooklyn and the LES (lower east side ya'll) was all we wanted to have on the agenda. Loved experiencing a rooftop party in Willamsburg (super popular in that area), looking across at the city seeing the 2 twin tower lights beaming into the night sky....the following day was Sept 11th, marking 15 years. (we did also take an afternoon to visit ground zero, which was eerie and emotional as one can imagine).  Back in Brookyln, there was late night Karaoke, saki bombs, amazing brunches and dinners, shopping, checking out the new Ludlow house in LES and seeing my first Cat Cafe - meow!!  Best part of course - seeing our buds we rarely get to see. 
ps. I love that you have no need to work out in NY since you're walking 10+ miles a day. 

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  1. Both of you had great fun. Loving your white tops. It could be perfect too for a black denim skirt knee length.