Sunday, October 23, 2016


Vegas in late October - 3 years to the exact same weekend of our first trip to Vegas together back in 2013 for the Life is Beautiful festival. However, this year we went because we won a free trip on 'The Talk' show, including 2 nights at Caesars Palace .....and let's not forget a free ride on the High Roller ;)  We hit downtown Vegas one night for memory sake, and spent Saturday sleeping late with black out curtains, day drinking by the pool (paying $60 for a comfortable lounge chair in the sun was totally worth it) followed by a night on the town checking out all the Halloween decorations leading up to the high roller, and some light gambling in Caesars casino where we met up with our pals who won the same free trip. That desert highway stretch home is the only part of Vegas that is never fun... 


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