Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Day at the Rose Bowl

I'm a week behind...however...I can't forget to post about my first experience ever at the Rose Bowl Pasadena swap meet - 2nd Saturday of each month I've been 'meaning' to attend for nearly 5 years. I went last Sunday. Overwhelmed is the first word that comes to mind. I mean, you have to be prepared for this place. The smart folks get there by 9am to get first dibs and assess the situation....and, avoid the massive crowd that flocks in past Noon. It's hard to explain how much ground there is to cover. In hindsight I think it's best to head there with a mission, like A) I need a new bed side table, or B) I want a new/vintage denim get my point. Otherwise you could buy everything or nothing because you just don't know what you're doing in all the over-stimulation.(except, I died -and could have justified - a particular turqouise booth that I had to walk away from before making irresponsible decisions :))
So, all that said. I wondered and took it all in - bought a few minor things (belt, sweatshirt, amethyst stone, tank top that I couldn't resist at amazing prices - can go either way) but definitely  plan to go back now that I know the ropes. The scene is somewhat mellow despite the crowd and it's filled with special pieces you just won't find anywhere else...
This guy above in the bandana made the ending to me could tell he knew he was done working... and I caught him busting out his guitar at that wonderful moment, kicking back. (Don't judge him b/c of the Ed Hardy jacket hanging must not be part of his set up!?!) of my finds. It's weird sometimes the things that jump out at you. For me, this time, this grey vintage sweatshirt just called to me. Maybe the soft heathered grey material, maybe the Ozark thing as my brother went to camp there as a kid...or maybe the cowboy on the horse and 'trail rides' that remind me of so many memories that hit close to home. Anyway - bought it, love it, for some reason :)


  1. The Rose Bowl looks like an amazing place to spend a few hours, I'm spotting a lot of fab things in your pics that I'd dearly love to have in my wardrobe...x

  2. Great pictures!!!!