Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sweatshirt Daze in Silverlake

 Saturday was such a gloomy day is LA I was completely tempted to stay in my sweats all day and watch movies in bed...yet somehow I managed to throw my favorite Levi's on and drive a few miles to explore the Silverlake Farmers Market/Swap Meet. However, I stayed with the sweatshirt theme (this Theory black number never fails). I'm going to have to go back another weekend as the vendors were starting to pack up just as we arrived (ok, maybe I stayed in bed longer than I thought)....but I saw some fun vintage pieces that made me think a round 2 is definitely in order. The old stone washed Calvin Klein denim jacket was one of them...along with their assortment of army jackets, old records, and some fun 90's band tees and floral dresses blowing in the wind that have me longing for Spring. It's a cute and quaint setting right in the middle of Silverlake triangle, right next to my old favorite Vegan restaurant Cru. So trendy:)
jeans - levis; boots- free people; sweatshirt -theory; bag- sissi rossi; sunglasses- stella mccartney


  1. The first time I heard of Silverlake was on the tv show Shear Genius. Tabatha went into a salon their and totally transformed it. And ever since then, I've wanted to go there to see the cool hipster vibe. That swap meet looks like so much fun. I see some things I'd like to buy! <3