Monday, April 9, 2012

Saddle Up

My fashionable gal pal Margaret and I went full-on western style last weekend for some trail riding an hour road trip east of L.A! It was so nice to get out of the city and back to our southern of the things that instantly connected us the first time we met.  We both grew up in the South with a love for riding horses and were excited to finally make this day happen...been talking about doing it for months. I love making things HAPPEN. Despite the rain and cold weather (of all the days we picked to go) we cowboy'd up with our ponchos, buckles and s*%t kickers :)
The girl has style...from the snakeskin to the turquoise&stone jewelry to the eagle belt...all vintage...I can't figure out what I like the most. Check Marg's fashion forecast and trend site The Sche Report!)
Love the top right image above...Margaret riding and texting. You can take a girl out of L.A but..... :)


  1. what fun great pics!!
    looks like the place to be!!
    happy week!

  2. those snakeskin print boots are sososo fabulous.


  3. LOVE these pictures!! I am such a city girl with a country girl heart! WHERE oh WHERE did you get that fabulous hat??

    Happy Monday!
    XO, Jess

  4. Looks like you two had so much fun! Man, I haven't rode on a horse in forever. I really enjoy it though. It's relaxing. Both of your "cowgirl" get ups are very cute! Love her shirt and love your hat! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! <3