Monday, April 23, 2012

Sun Chasers

The weather in L.A can be tricky...'being so sure of it' almost ruined my weekend plan. My friend and I were on a mission for beach+sun...and seeing that the forecast said 85 degrees/sunny we didn't give it a second thought....afterall, it was blazing hot in my neighborhood. But, after we packed our beach bags and drove all the way to Santa Monica (15 miles can be a long way from West Hollywood with weekend traffic)...we approached Pacific Coast Highway to total overcast misty grey skies. We were pretty much yelling in disbelief...drove in circles and wasted time for at least 30 minutes so confused about what to do. Our optimism finally got the best of us, but after paying to park beach side, getting out of the car and freezing our a#%es off before we even got our towels out of the trunk, we called it quits and decided to make the trip back to of the sun.
 The day was a defeat in that we didn't get any rays until 3pm when we originally set out at success at hotel pool crashing on Sunset Blvd. A cold beer never tasted so good. 


  1. amazing pictures!!

  2. Awww...that sucks! I hate when the weather plays tricks like that. June gloom must be coming early! Glad you still got to lay out at the pool though. :) <3