Monday, November 26, 2012

Shorts in November

Spent the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday hanging around my own city wearing none other than my favorite cut offs...thanks to the 80 degree sunny weather of So-Cal. My trusty boots and new light weight off the shoulder/super soft sweatshirt were the perfect combo's to still manage a 'Fall' look. I avoided the Black Friday sales, but ended up walking the streets of Melrose and Beverly on Saturday...where I just may have made a few purchases. More to come on that though ;)
shorts: Levi cutoffs; sweatshirt- American Apparel; 
boots- Dr Marten; sunglasses- Prada


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  2. I love that slouchy sweatshirt! And I bet it is super comfy. Can't wait to see what you bought from Saturday. We found some good Black Friday deals on DVD's and presents for others. :) <3