Thursday, December 6, 2012

Die Posers Die

Last Friday night was pretty cool...iconic Dog Town skateboarder and original Z-Boys member Tony Alva hosted the third installment of the annual "Die Posers Die" art show. The event was held at Alva Skates (the first company ever run and owned by a skateboarder – fun fact J)…sponsored by Alva Skates, Vans and LA Weekly. For the past 5 years Alva and business partner artist Richard Villa III have been presenting art, skateboarding and music at Exhibit A Gallery between Hollywood and Venice…an eclectic crowd mix of rockers, surfers and skaters that are all fitting to Alva's aesthetic.
Separating it from other openings, the "Die Posers Die" art show displayed work that is exclusively created by skateboarders. It was so awesome to meet legendary skateboarders like (Tony Alva),  Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi  (my bf bought a piece of his art - check out the skateboard hanging below)…I was hoping to meet Jay Adams but he didn’t end up coming L Tony however was such a nice guy and took time to talk and take pictures with anyone who approached him. He asked me where I was from and somehow we ended up talking about Tony's favorite skateboarding spots in Texas...
Rt: Steve Caballero
Tony Alva next to his art work (above and below)
Tony Alva and I :)
...with Richard Villa III both wearing our Dr. Marten boots - nice water bottle positioning....


  1. You rock girl! Cool look!

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  2. Great outfit :)