Saturday, December 15, 2012

High Fashion

Last week I attended 'High Fashion' of the L{A-LIST} trendy/hot spot events which celebrate design, art, photography, wellness and technology. Best was produced by a very good friend of mine I was excited to support! This particular installation focused on Russian born fashion designer Aliona Kononova, from Milan, presenting her most recent 2013 collection for the first time in Los Angeles. I fell in love with the black and white striped dress you will see below...there were actually quite a few of us drooling over it! The evening took place at C Project, and also featured unique art, statues, furniture and other interesting items to purchase. My favorite part (aside from the life size horse I wanted to climb on) had to be the guy in charge of hitting the Cong every hour....very serious. My olive green maxi dress, lace up boots and trusty leather jacket were just the ticket to be comfortable but still fit in with those on the dressier side...
Above:  with my pal Margaret from The Sche Report (she looked so great in her peplum...and below my friend Maya whose necklaces were tempting me to snatch them right off :)

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