Thursday, January 10, 2013


My favorite shop on South Congress street, during my trip to Austin, was hands down Feathers Boutique. A friend of mine who knows the owner told me I HAD to go in there if I was in the glad I did! I was pretty overstimulated by the vintage merchandise that was so my style...and the displays themselves were pretty inspiring as well. I realized upon walking in that I was going to need some serious time here. I introduced myself to the owner, Emily, and learned that she had just returned from Sante Fe where she did a ton of shopping for the boutique. Turquoise heaven. Aside from the vintage madness, Feathers also carries lines like Adina Mills, (still love my ring!!) Heyoka Leather (and these!!), and Pamela Love...
...just to name a few favorites :)
It was really cool seeing the Heyoka Leather line I love so much on display! Owner Leslie Crow also lives in Austin..

(above, with Feathers owner Emily)
And best purchase of the year! For 2 months I have been searching for a cool velvet maxi dress and have had an impossible time. I saw this baby below displayed behind the front desk at Feathers just as I was walking out the door. I was with friends and in a rush to, I said I'd come back the next morning for it and hopefully it would still be there. IT WAS! Velvet 70's me like a glove and now it's hanging right where it should in LA :) Can't wait to wear!


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