Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh Hi, Ojai!

Finally took the day trip to Ojai Valley this past Sunday that I had been wanting to take for the last year! The sleepy small town artist community is only 90 minutes from LA, but feels like you're in a whole different world. That feeling of freedom and adventure is probably my favorite thing about California...endless fun day trip options that help so much to refresh the mind and regroup from the non-stop chaos of city life. And perhaps just life in general. Spending this day with two of my closest friends who were just as stoked to do something different as I was made it all the better. We set out to do most of what we could squeeze in that Ojai has to offer....a morning 2.5 hour intense hike at Horn Canyon, lunch in a garden setting at the local favorite Suzannes, thrift shopping in the 'downtown' strip (where I scored the badass vintage cowboy hat you'll see below!), wine tasting at Casa Barranca....and an end to the day at Mediation Mount to watch the breathtaking sunset. Sharing a bottle of wine we bought from our tasting with our bare feet in the crisp grass just added to the relaxation factor and grateful feeling that overcame us of simply being alive.
Nice way to end the week...


  1. It looks like such a fantastic place to visit! That is amazing that you were able to go there. Gorgeous pictures.

  2. These pictures are absolutely amazing! It looks like such a great place to visit, and I loved your hat.