Wednesday, March 30, 2011

play that song a little louder

What do you do when you've had a really bad day? Ask a friend of a porsche. Since I can't quite afford, I drive hers instead, occasionally, short distances, on a bad day. 
 We went to Troubadour-popular/historic music venue- for a Vans event a friend of ours coordinated.
Cher showed up...sat 5 feet away but I felt like too much of a freak to take a picture with the flash on :)
Who says sequin pants are only for New Years? Love that these pants were given to me by this same friends mother in law, who wore them as her ski pants in the late 70's which she matter-of-factly refers to (in her french accent) as her 'winter sport' pants. It's true, they have stirrups. Duh, I should have known...? Sequin pants on the ski slopes in the 70's brought to a rock concert in 2011. That's the awesome thing about a great piece of clothing -reinvent and you can wear it forever.
Steve Jones from Sex Pistols and Duff McKagen from Guns N' Roses playing in the band for Jesse Jo
photos booths are always stupidly fun
Samantha Ronson DJ-ing after the show....
(sequin pants-vintage; shirt-urban outfitters; booties-blowfish; belt -banana republic; chain purse-vintage; pearl and silver necklaces-vintage and St. John)

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  1. Photo credit: Lara (and the dude who knew to back up to get the shot we wanted on stage)
    Auto Rental: Lara
    Mother-in-law's vintage sequin pants: Lara (cause Lara could never rock them like Lauren can)
    Event: Go Anna!!