Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty things

Wandered Wildwood park in Thousand Oaks over the weekend- what a perfect way to spend the afternoon. I bought this beautiful maxi skirt at the FIDM scholarship store last week (for an amazing bargain price) as the talented designer Chan Luu is a FIDM alumni. I bought a similar version in white as well....just couldn't resist and know I'll wear the heck out of them both. I had been envisioning wearing one of them to a nature filled setting like this reserve...just goes so perfectly with spring inspiration of soft neutrals, flowers and flowy pretty things :)
 This has to be one of my favorite places to get away...just 30 minutes from LA but feels like you could be in another state with the terrain changes and no-smog feels good to spend an entire day outside.
Paradise Falls...almost got in trouble for sitting on top of it. Didn't think the sign "do not climb on rocks" really applied, but the park ranger spotted us and shouted over the intercom "GET OFF. THE ROCKS. NOW."... and just as we were in the middle of a small picnic (small being bananas and peaches). Oh away.
(skirt -Chan Luu, Crochet top-hallelu, hair accessory -anthropologie)


  1. That third photo has such beautiful light, it looks ethereal.

  2. that 3rd pic was my fave because of how perfect the lighting pictures really seem to come down to great lighting!

  3. This is the best look ever! I want it! :)