Saturday, March 19, 2011

when is enough enough?

I was delirious last night from trying to organize new additions to my closet and make decisions on what old things I needed to part with. I have a problem with decisions like that, it gives me anxiety. I was so out of it by midnight...called it quits when I sneezed on one of my nicer dresses and apologized to it.

Question of the day - how many creme/white lace & crochet tops does a girl need?
... the back of (one out of 3) bedroom doors...utilizing space can be a challenge
This jewelry drawer is a problem. On a continued mission this weekend to clean out and organize.
 Ok it's official, I cannot shop anymore. Not because I don't want to, or that (for once)I have no money...simply because I have no ROOM to hang anything else. My other closet looks exactly like this.
NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!! (mommy dearest, people). Random but fitting, this next picture hangs in the hallway where I work and I've always liked it

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  1. bigger closets are sometimes a necessity ;)