Sunday, March 6, 2011

some things are bigger... Texas, ya'll. Was missing my lone-star state today...talking to a close friend back home reminded me of our college days in san marcos and austin...the good old days. Then, I talked to my mom in dallas, where I grew up, and I wished I could be there with her as she opened the bottle of wine I heard pop open on the other end of the line...
 So tonight as I sipped on wine myself, I happened to come across this 2010 spread of (one of) my favorite style icons Erin Wasson, who is from TX herself. Perhaps that's one reason I liked her instantly. Texans tend to have that effect on me. 
These photos were shot in Austin, hence the hippie vibe. They just gave me inspiration to wear my snake skin cowboy boots tomorrow..they were a gift from someone close to me, bought in no place other than TX :)

"Erin Wasson makes a return to her home state of Texas for the August cover shoot of Elle Italia." 2010


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