Saturday, April 9, 2011

afternoon walk

Being able to walk 2 blocks to my favorite boutiques has to be the best thing about my west Hollywood neighborhood. Sunny, cool, clear and crisp days in LA is another beautiful thing...makes the walking even more inspiring:)
the shops on Melrose...
Friend's birthday tonight who loves to cook AND loves trader joe's as much as I do...perfect gift? For those of you that don't have trader joe's, I'm so sorry...
flowers and street sales :)
This vintage store is close to my house it's dangerous. I'm overstimulated every time I walk in..
my cat giving me the "what have you done" stare...I only bought one thing!! Okay fine, three.


  1. I think we have a Trader I missing out!!!!!!!!!

  2. BIG TIME! I should be their spokesperson...

  3. Looks like no trader joes near me :/