Sunday, April 10, 2011

love story

I look forward to rare days like this when I have nothing I 'must' do. 
To make myself feel somewhat productive I hiked runyan canyon, and followed that by an afternoon (in my softest/most comfortable bell bottoms ~ the J Brand Love Story) relaxing on my front porch in the sun, reading on and off, and catching up on the phone with friends I've been long overdue to catch up with.
Just got this new polaroid app on my new phone..and I'm obsessed.

I want to take pictures of EVERYTHING now. (not that I didn't already..)
 this old car looks so much cooler as a polaroid, wish the california plates had shown up better...
                (bell bottom jeans -J Brand love story; lace tank and moccasins-target; beanie-pop killer; cuff- st john knits;            sunglasses -donna karen)
view of Downtown LA...if I squint I can almost see my work building :)


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