Monday, April 18, 2011

an outing

ran out of moisturizer foundation and bronzer at the same time...called for a trip to Sephora.
 Hot day in LA, at least the mall had A.C. (great view of the hills from the Bev Center parking lot)
 this little bag...there's always something good inside
 Ah, yes. I've tried MANY brands, but Laura Mercier wins for the best moisturizing liquid tinted foundation. It's light on your skin but still gives great coverage...and has SPF 20. Only if you have super oily skin should you buy the oil-free (which comes in a dark purple tube). Next, in an effort to try something new I branched out and followed the sales lady's advice with Tart's mineral bronzer. It's very warm and has a slight shimmer. Lastly, I bought a couple of Sephora brand lipsticks (only $12!!)...fuchsia and a barbie pink. I'm favoring the bright and fun fuchsia for summer.


  1. I'm searching for a pAnk myself. Bet those are cheaper. Lovely, thanks blog of information. :)

  2. They are...I should mention that perhaps. Only $12 :) the fuchsia is awesome but you can test them and see what-ya-like...I need an orangey one too.

  3. yay for LAURA MERCIER! I recommend it to all of my patients! I wear the silk creme foundation...I paint it on with a foundation brush. I spritz the brush first and off we go for a little painting every morning. I use her concealer and powder too :)

  4. I usually use her powder too but they were out of my shade...hence me branching out to Tart! L.M forever :)

  5. :) have fun in Texas! sorry I'm gonna miss ya!