Friday, April 8, 2011

california poppy

It's that time of year again...
"Each spring, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve comes alive with the seasonal surprises of the Mojave Desert Grassland habitat."
 April tends to be the peak with the most dramatic color intensity...

The Poppy Festival is coming up April 16th/17th...two days of music, art, food and fun celebrating the state flower of California and the appearance of poppies in the Antelope Valley!
 Rattle's snakes are out there so if you go - watch out! (might not want to follow my example of laying in the flowers..too tempting not to). But, without the snakes, the rodents would consume the flowers and take away what the park is famous for :)

These pictures were taken April 17th of last year...a good friend of mine's birthday

I felt like I was in The Wizard of Oz scene where Dorothy is sleeping/dreaming in a field of poppies...right before they walk into Oz. I remember wanting to be there as a child...


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