Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chapstick Addict

I'm really surprised I haven't posted about this until now. I can't remember the # of years I've been addicted to chapstick, or why the addiction started in the first place...but truth is I get somewhat anxious if it's not within 5 feet of me. If I'm going somewhere and not taking a purse for some reason, then I make sure it's in my pocket. I have an extra one in my car, work desk, makeup stuff at home.....
you get the point.
 I used to opt for the child-like brand Bonnie Bell (don't laugh) - I really loved the strawberry flavor. But a few months ago I discovered Burt's Bees REJUVENATING lip balm WITH Acai Berry! Soothing, hydrating, reviving :) Pick one up at Ride Aid and see what I'm talkin''ll never leave home without it.


  1. I feel you on that one. I started out with original burts bees, then tried the pomegranate, as well as acai. I could never use another brand! In fact, reading this makes me want to go put some on right now!

  2. @Rachel
    Haha...right?! Think I need to reapply some too...