Monday, August 22, 2011

never be the same

 Swedish band Jj " Things will never be the Same Again"played on repeat in my car all weekend. The lyrics make me sad, but the instruments make me want to spin around dancing at the same time. A missed friend introduced me to them awhile back with a burned CD I had forgotten all about...

"Living next door to challenge
Things will never be the same again
I close my eyes, and remember
A place in the sun where we used to live

You're sneaking around out there
Hoping that I step on out
He longs for me, and someday we
Will go downtown to Levy's bar

Ask someone who knew me
They will never be the same again
They tell their lives through sunken eyes
Inside a song, it makes me cry

In this world of wisdom
No one never really has a clue
They kill their lives every day
With what they say and what they do

But heaven knows I know
That the ship will still sail on
Long after I'm gone
Gone...I'll be gone"


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