Friday, August 19, 2011

dinner fiesta

Happy Friday....can't wait to NOT wake up to an alarm tomorrow!
Flashing back to earlier this week. Every Wednesday should be like this...friends, sangria and dinner outside on the patio with the chiminea burning. A casual get-together like this is the best, and so good to break up the work week.  Wore my new fringe throw over that I've been living in since purchasing, along with my snakeskin cowboy boots that I've been abandoning this summer.
 We heard something in the bushes....she was really scaring something away with that shovel :)
 Wish I had taken this picture AFTER the foil was removed from the Salmon platter. Duh.
 He thinks he is hiding...
 Home to my lion.


  1. hey lauren great to hear from you! I jope you are doing well! x

  2. Gorgeous pics dear! Looooove your ring! <3