Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Crasher

At least I felt like a wedding crasher last weekend seeing as I didn't know the couple or anyone attending...other than my bff who's boyfriend/date had to leave town unexpectedly at the last minute, leaving me to stand in his place...
Went with the tonal/nude look. Love the silk material of this Vince dress with the sheer neck and straps that make it soft and feminine. I also like that it hangs loose like a potato sack vs something
form fitting...good to change things up...
Have never been to a Greek wedding before this - the ceremony was so peaceful I could have fallen asleep (in a relaxing non-boring way) as the sage scents representing love and good energy
floated through the air...
 ...imagine we would have bought the almost exact same shoe
...just playing in the orchard
Loved this lady's vintage purse...
Even the bride and grooms dog got all dressed up :)
The Greek's don't play around...I couldn't drink that Greek liquor Ouzo. It tastes like licorice.. YUK.

(dress- Vince; shoes-chinese laundry; chain purse - thrifted; cuff- St. John Knits; slave bracelet - pink paisleys represented by mary brennan & co )


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