Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday=the day after Thanksgiving sales...which I avoid at all cost. Large crowds of people bumping into you unapologetically as they rush through clothing racks make me very claustrophobic and annoyed, which is not a good state of mind to be in while spending money.
So, this post is just about the simple unbeatable shade of black on black...designer pieces I wish I could afford any day of the year like Alexander Wang, Rag&Bone, DVF and more.
Good luck if you're out there in the madness today :)

 (and last but not least, Robert Pattinson...can I buy him too?) 

(Alexander Wang pants&sweater, black maxi, Chloe tote DVF felicity heel; All Saints sweater & leather pants; alex wang boots; Rag&Bone dress; Isabel Marant bootie, Chanel watch, 
thick bold eyeliner, gucci shades; Reiss quilted leather jacket;


  1. I totally agree I'm totally not a Black Friday shower either.

  2. I love All Saints..One of my favorite stores to go into to!

    xo chanel

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