Monday, November 7, 2011

Roadhouse Blues

 Inspired by Jim Morrison today in my new leather pants with a blue denim shirt. They are actually faux but look and feel more real that anything I've come across (often faux leathers look so shiny it's an obvious give away...not the case here). Jim lived in his leathers, and I'm kind of leaning towards the thought myself with this pair I just got. They're soft like real leather and have just the right amount of stretch to form nicely to the body. I own another pair of real leather pants, but they have no 'give' and always feel stiff...I can't handle wearing something that is uncomfortable.
(sidenote: Although they will stretch some, these pants run super small so order a size up HERE!
(pants: sparkle & fade; denim shirt- TRF denim @ Zara;
booties- Dolce Vita)


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