Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Inn at 410

Last weekend consisted of a couple mini road trips (I love road trips!) being Scottsdale AZ to Flagstaff where it snowed the week before :) I felt my checkered plaid shirt was appropriate for the pine tree forests and random truck stops we would be encountering...

I stayed at The Inn at 410 Bed&Breakfast in Flagstaff when I was 14 years old...a long time ago. Either the place changed it's decor since then, or I forgot how tacky it was! However, tacky kind of makes for part of the fun when you stay at random places like this on a road trip. The "Southwest" room really completed the feel with full on wallpaper, chili peppers, fake plants and native printed rugs & blankets. There was also a wooden ladder in the room and let's not forget about the jacuzzi tub - upgrade!
The lobby might have taken the cake for the tacky factor, but again, entertaining. The staff was super friendly, and thoughtful enough to leave hot apple cider out at all times with Brandy and Vodka bottles for their guests to mix. Very methodical, the more you drink, the less you care
about your surroundings!

 (my fashionista Aunt/soulmate above, who taught me all I know:))


  1. I love the pictures because it takes you on the road with you. I dying to go to a bed&breakfast because I think it was be a new adventure for me and I'm curious about it. Nice boots!

  2. @downtownchicagobarbie
    Thanks! You definitely need to try a bed&breakfast on the next road trip - so much more memorable than a hotel :)

  3. That "guns" sign looks awesome with the other fast food ones. I hope they had a drive thru though, those lines can be killer. ;)

  4. @Alison
    haha...very clever ;) That sign cracked me up...knew I was far from home!