Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Desert Escape

I tend to get carried away when I pack for different (colder) weather. With all the decision making of what to take & what to leave behind, I had a glass of wine while packing to make the experience more enjoyable/less stressful.Yes, that sounds a bit neurotic. I had to bust out my fingerless gloves, hats, favorite flannel, cowboy boots and coziest sweaters for my mini Thanksgiving vacation ahead. Too bad I can't pack Anikan (my cat)... he gets very anxious when I leave town:/
 Ok, how adorable is my mom for sending me these Texas fashion magazines?! Ever since I left for college, she has always sent me torn out articles in the mail, books, cards and other random/fun things. The fashion stuff though is most endearing to me...she tries to stay current in Dallas :)
Running off into nowhere is so appealing...
(pictures @ my room; desert picture above: spanishmoss)


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