Monday, January 16, 2012

Under the Bridge

Over the weekend I finally explored the LA River during a photo shoot I modeled for with an old friend/photographer that was long overdue.  Although the weather/lighting conditions were kind of perfect, I did nearly freeze to death standing on/under the infamous 6th and 4th street bridges for hours in my sheer-to-light weight wardrobe ensembles (goosebumps pictured below, along with the color block platform heels I love!). Oh the price you pay for a good photograph :) Despite being cold, we had a blast running location to location, dodging cars on the bridge to get that perfect mid-street photo, and negotiating with the bicycle cops about permits to be there. The RHCP hit played in my mind throughout the day thinking these were the actual bridges that Anthony Kiedis was singing about. Anyway, the shoot ended up being a total success, and it was so cool to reconnect with my friend in a creative way. Can't wait to see the final images when he sends them my way!


  1. Thx for your comment!
    GREAT blog! ♥

    Carina, xx

  2. I love these photos!

  3. I love the neon notes in this look!

  4. Wow, nice detail shots, and awesome location!
    Love your header too :) Very nice
    I'm a new follower ;)

  5. Gorgeous heels! i like color combo!

  6. Great photos!! Love seeing the graffiti! Nice heels and jewelry!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. wow! great photos and you heels are amazing! i can't wait to see the finished photos too. :) <3