Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Sunday

Before 'celebrating' one of the All-American past times yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, I stopped by my friends house who gifted me with the coolest sustainable/recycled metal clutch that he handmade! (This friend is super crafty of all interesting and random things...check out his new blog here!) I love the simple chain of the bag and that I can carry on my shoulder if need be...although holding it clutch style is what I'll probably lean towards. It was a hectic Sunday from the get go so I dressed pretty comfortably in this free-bird tank that I'm obsessed with...maybe it's the fringe. Nice to wrap up the weekend with friends and football...ok, I'm lying, the only part of the game I watched was Madonna at half time :) 
(jeans-silence&noise, tank-urban outfitters; shoes-dolce vita; clutch- ggunk)


  1. omg, that clutch is sooo cool!!! i love crafty people. It's so shimmery and I could see it going with lots of different things. Love your top. It's a cool color! <3


  2. ohh your eagle fringe top is insane!!! i love your turqouise pendant!

  3. totally loving that bag!


  4. The clutch is uber-amazing - I wish I had such a friend too! And I love your outfit, esp. this fringy top.
    wish you a great week!

    P.S. Well I guess I picked up some 'unusual' vocab when I went to the US last summer - and I really like using it, 'cause whenever I say stuff like "y'all" I think of the amazing time I had ;)

  5. loving this booh chic outfit on you! You look gorgeous :) and the clutch is stunning!

  6. WOw! In love with this look!

  7. Nice outfit, and pretty hairstyle!