Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where the Heart Is

As much of a pain in the %#* it is to move...redecorating a new home always makes it worth while! Did I mention how I recently traded my west hollywood/melrose digs for something a little more eastward and awesome? Stoked about the new location, the art deco decor and the good energy of the  place itself...which will unsurprisingly be a mix of bohemian, vintage and shabby chicness :) Counting down now for the next Pasadena swap meet at the Rose Bowl...I just know there will be treasures awaiting me.  I'm overstimulated with interior ideas and spent much of the weekend getting inspiration for which direction to go...


  1. Olá, amei o blog. Visite o meu e se gostar segue!
    Eu retribuirei e seguirei o seu ;)


    beijo com carinho

  2. Hey, I had the same dream that lady in the picture had ... unfortunately I had to wake up! Good luck with your decorating. Such fun to be decorating a new place.


  3. What gorgeous pictures - so much inspiration - I absolutely love the collection of glass bottles. Thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment!

  4. How fun! I hate moving too, but it's always nice to put your decorating spin on a new place. I love those glass jars with the dried plants in them. Very natural and nice looking. Don't forget to show us pictures once you're finished! <3


  5. omg i seriously am in love with each and every single picture. very inspiring! Thank you for visiting my blog! I would love it if we could follow each other.

  6. I love the vintage inspired inspiration. I love the lights in the last picture, I wish I could have them everywhere in our home! I love all the little details in these pictures, it's how I hope my home looks at the moment! Can't wait to see pictures of your home when you're ready.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love. Have a great week :)

  7. amazing decoration ideas! the one with the hanging clothes is so inspiring! thanks for sharing!
    and thanks for your comment love! i am following you now! follow me back if you like so we can keep in touch!

  8. Wow, awesome inspiration! I love every single picture.

    I wish I had a brand new home to decorate! Good luck =]