Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Happens in Vegas...

MAGIC, Platform and PROJECT are what is happening in Vegas! After 3 hectic days of walking the trade shows and talking nonstop, my feet are actually the most happy about it coming to an end. Wearing flats just doesn't matter after a certain point! The best part of this trip for me was Tuesday, walking through FN Platform with our talented and enthusiastic group of footwear design students from FIDM. We were lucky to have so many company representatives (design, sales, branding) from various footwear brands attending talk to our group about their line and anything else footwear related. (Designers Donald J. Pliner  his wife, Lisa for Donald J. Pliner, and one of my family members Michele who reps Isola Shoes were those among the many who spoke to us in depth! pictured below) It was such a cool learning experience - and beyond overstimulating to see EVERY shoe brand I can think of all in one place! Shoe heaven. I saw Steve Madden walking around,  but unfortunately
didn't get the chance to meet him. Next time!

The top footwear trends for Fall 2012 include:  deep colors of maroon, forest green, midnight blues and purple; lots of STUDS, platforms, animal print (python & leopard), colorful aztec print, steel toe tips, sleek black, sparkle/glitter pumps, quilted boots and flats, loafers, more fringe,
and wooden soles….

Vegas itself on day #2 was like a hurricane with the strong winds and cold weather...I was basically freezing the whole time outside of walking the shows. I had a small amount of time to enjoy seeing the city lights and have a really nice dinner in a brand new casino with some friends who
happen to be there as well...

The only downside was that you really aren't allowed to take pictures inside the show...understandably since these are Fall 2012/haven't been seen yet! I did the best I could :)


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love your mint jacket. So pretty. It's funny to think that the designer of one of the most famous brands of shoes is just walking around. LOL. That would have been cool to meet him. :)

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  2. wooow! love this photos!
    a lot of work and fun! nothing better!!! =)


  3. Love the post!
    Vegas is such a cool place :)


  4. you look great:) I am your follower now-will you follow back?:)