Friday, February 3, 2012

We Wear Many Hats

 A friend of mine had the great idea of throwing a last minute dinner party this past Monday just to celebrate friends/new beginnings...and to make things a little more interesting, we were all told to wear a hat. Themed gatherings are always a little more fun for some reason- especially with this group! One of my friends didn't get the hat memo, but just so happened to show up wearing one that she had worn to work that was so hilarious witnessing her reaction as she watched people one by one arrive in a hat thinking it was totally coincidental. Finally she said out loud how weird it was, "it's like a hat party or something!".....hahaha. Maybe you had to be there. Anyway...super cool night. Some of these photos look like we were at the Lilith Fair :) Happy Friday everyone! 
  (photos taken by pretty much everyone at the party)


  1. these pics are amazing!!

  2. hahahaha it looks funny!!!!
    amazing pics!

  3. you always have these fun parties to go to! they look so fun. and your hat was cute! have a great weekend love! <3

    oh, what is the name of your FB you started? i'll try to find you. oh nevermind. i see the link now. :)

  4. Such lovely photos! Looked like a great time :)

  5. Hats are so fun and can totally MAKE an outfit! FUN!!


  6. Really funny hats :)

    Thank you for your comment!


  7. Hi darling!
    Great photos and your blog as well!
    Thank you for your comment, what do you say about following us each others? I´ll be really happy :)
    Have a nice day!

  8. The whole group looks so lovely & artsy, beautiful photos!

  9. Oh my gosh this looks like a seriously stylish affair! What an amazing idea! Everyone looks lovely!

  10. I need to be invited to your parties............xx