Friday, June 22, 2012

On the Road Again

Happy Friday! 
Just confirmed a weekend get-away with a group of super fun girlfriends, exactly one month out from now, in magical Joshua Tree! Not only will we be seeing an amazing concert in a quaint/backyard type venue while we're there, but we also got a massive (and isolated) compound of a house smack in the middle of the desert...complete with pool and gazebo. 
Can't wait to have a mini road trip with the girls and spend some time in the hot hot sun - I've totally forgotten what dry 110 degree heat feels like, and how I miss those desert nights...

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No one reminds me more of the desert than Jim...he is the lizard king :)


  1.'re going to have so much fun!! And if you want desert 110 heat, you can always road trip to Fresno and visit me. :D Can't wait to see pics! <3