Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Tours

My weekend recap of instagram...the obsession is still in full force...
(Bandit Brand T-shirt @ Free Agency, shiny bikinis, Rockstar Coconut Water (who knew!), pals, Venice Beach, downtown LA theater, pool party, grilled corn and BBQ, flame thrower, cut offs, cupcakes, flowers in the hair, musical bicycles, good luck penny necklaces @ Free City...and all you need is LOVE...


  1. Mmm...bbq corn on the cob! That's my favorite. And is that a bicycle all decorated? That's crazy and pretty cool! LOL. Love your instagram photos. What's your username? I tried searching for you, but your name never popped up. <3


  2. Hehe thank you ! :D I hope you'll come and peek in our shop !!