Friday, June 8, 2012

One Grey Day

These have been a long time coming...check out the final shots from my L.A. River photo shoot (Under the Bridge) taken back in January....all I remember is that it was COLD that morning!!
The awesome photographer,  Jakubek Photography got us in and out of the downtown sketchiness as quickly as possible....even though we were having a blast bouncing to different locations while dodging oncoming bridge traffic! Definitely an experience to remember. (Assisted by photographer Jaleh Productions who also helped big-time with my hair and the wind-factor that day!)

Dress: One Grey Day; Jewelry- Vintage; Cowboy Boots- Dan Post/snakeskin)


  1. So pretty! Love your jewelry! xx


  2. I love these shots!! Scary, having to dodge bridge traffic though! LOL. but I love those earrings, and the beading? on the top of the dress. So pretty! <3


  3. Uau, gorgeous!!

  4. Sounds like a fun and interesting day! The end result is beautiful! That's so exciting!

  5. These photos are amazing!