Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Girl

Summer in L.A getting closer, and I can almost taste that freeing feeling of longer hot days ahead filled with bikinis, friends, good music, farmers markets, swap meets, warm(er) nights, bare feet, crop tops, outdoor picnics, road trips, beaches and sun tans...if we could only skip June gloom.
(seen at fashiongonerogue, wildatheart and tumblr)


  1. I love all this inspiration. I can't wait for summer to really get started. Hope you have a sun filled weekend.

  2. That chevron stripe dress is sooo cool! I love it. Ah yes, summer is among us. As evident by the 103 degree day we had today in Fresno. Yuck! And boo to June gloom. I know it all too well living in San Diego for college. Hope it passes quickly! <3


  3. gorgeous pictures!! amazing!!