Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flea Market Finds

It had been awhile since my last trip to my local Melrose/Fairfax swap meet..and oh how I've missed it. This past Sunday I had no particular agenda there except to shop alongside a friend of mine who wanted 'style' advice....I love helping style my friends! We started her out with some Summer basics including vintage Levi cutoffs, a floral sheer blouse, fringe top, a bright/neon pink and orange geo-print shift dress, and let's not forget crop-top band T (Sex Pistols) essentials :) There was definitely some jewelry shopping that happened too along the way...myself included on that one. Ok, I bought a band-T too. And some incense (the classic sandlewood is my favorite). 

It was hot in LA all being in the 80' I wore my cutoffs, boots, Heyoka Leather necklace that I still smile/sigh over, and a vintage eagle print tank top that was a recent birthday gift. Ever since my friend told me about this guy she knows who buys vintage t-shirts and reconstructs them into tanks/crop tops, I've been obsessed! Knowing this, she hooked me up again (see previous post HERE) for my bday. Ironically, the man who reconstructs these tops has a booth at this swap as I was browsing though his rack thinking how familiar everything was looking, he walked up and said "Hmmm, your shirt, I know that shirt"...small world, L.A...
(cut offs-Blue Cult; tank top, ring and bracelet-vintage; necklace-Heyoka Leather)


  1. This is one Swap Meet I've always wanted to go to if I was ever in LA. It looks like it has such amazing things. And I love the dress on your friend! So cute. The Steve Miller Band crop top is also super cool. :) <3


  2. love the flea markets are really special!