Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hair Style Trend Setters

With Fall 2012 collections coming down the runway, couture designers like Marc Jacobs and Gucci are also setting the hair trends for what is to come. As the weather changes, all aspects of fashion and beauty will change along with it.... looks like the 1960's are making their comeback in the midst! Take a look at my 'top picks' for hairstyles this Fall. Change is so refreshing...I only wish I had the nerve to do that 60's mod-bob cut but I'll probably be safe and try a messy side braid instead!
See what you any of these styles look appealing?
1960's ponytail
Textured side braid
Twist hairstyle
Plaited buns
1960's bob
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  1. That bob is so cute! It's one of the reasons I can't look up short hair styles because they make me want to cut my hair. But I've vowed to keep it long for a few years. Love the braided buns. Those are so cute! <3


  2. I'm excited about the resurgence of the '60s. I love a messy side braid or fishtail.

  3. love them!!


  4. Love it!
    Beautiful Blog ,follow each other? :)