Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Banditz

It can be so hard to find a hair stylist who just 'gets it'. Meet Michelle from Black Banditz...she gets it. It's also an awesome spot with a cool first-of-kind twist... tattoo parlor & hair salon combo.
 Black Banditz also has the best magazine selections (compared to any other salon I've been) to browse while you wait...I got hooked on the new Flaunt magazine. There are also a bunch of tattoo artist portfolios to check out...
 I just took my Aunt here to get a new 'do and sure enough, the new look of layers is amazing on her. (and if you knew what a freak she is about her hair and how she'll hardly let anyone cut even 1/4 an inch, you would see that this was groundbreaking...)
(7262 Melrose Ave, La Ca 90036)


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