Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hollywood Forever

My friends and I spent the day visiting different cemetery's in L.A. We only set out to see Marilyn's grave, but ended up at the wrong cemetery, so, decided to make a day of it as we headed to the next. Didn't expect to come across Farrah Fawcett or Bettie Page...
This was actually much more of an enjoyable afternoon than it first sounded...

Might be the best place to come if you just want to be alone and think...where else is more peaceful?!

wonder if this single swan stays here always...
 Kind of cool how these 2 pictures below came out ghost-like...
After the graveyard adventures, we headed to the Griffith Observatory to see some of the best views of LA, and educate ourselves a little too. 
The best time to come is sunset (we were too early) and stay to see the city lights at night.
If I squint I can see my work building right in between us :)

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  1. what a cool idea! I was just in LA. love your romper :)

    xo Julia