Saturday, July 30, 2011

thylane & mackenzie

How gorgeous is this 10 year old french model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau?
Saw her just now (via knightcat) and had to share...was a little jaw-dropped by her beauty (and style:))
That brings me to another gorgeous child/actor, Mackenzie Foy, (also 10) that will be starring in the November release of Twlight: Breaking Dawn as Bella&Edward's vampire/human daughter...
Yes I admit...I am a Twi-hard :/


  1. ohhhh greattt they r so styliash

  2. Dear Lauren: Cristina, Mary Kay, and Pat looking at your blog and loving it! Can't wait for your next posts. These children are gorgeous and Mary Kay and Pat know all about Marianne Faithful; I, on the other hand, have never heard of her.

  3. who do you think is better ?

  4. Mackenzie is the best looking person I've ever laid eyes on!!! I even have framed pictures of her hanging on my livingroom walls!

  5. They are both really pretty cute girls. Thylane is French and Mackenzie is American.