Saturday, July 9, 2011

highschool dreams

I've been hanging out in Santa Monica a lot lately and was sooo excited to come across this DOUBLE FEATURE at the historic Aero Theater...Clueless and Fast Times at Ridgemont High on the big screen!! If Dazed and Confused had been playing as well, my life would have been complete :)
As seen on the marquis, Amy Heckerling (writer and director of both films) was there at intermission with a short interview and Q&A to follow. She is straight from the bronx and has a super dry sense of humor (which I love)..and at one point called herself dark and angry. Funny how she is the mind behind Clueless, but also makes perfect sense. The guy interviewing her had no idea what he was saying and it was quite obvious how annoyed she was. Entertaining :) It was cool to hear the inspiration behind these films and where/how certain scenes and impromptu's came about...
I remember opening day of Clueless clearly...I had just started Jr. High and my best friend got to go see it and for whatever reason I couldn't go. 
I remember having to listen in jealousy all night about how awesome it was.
 This movie like totally set the school girl trend of the 90's...
 I never got to see Fast Times in the theater because I was basically born the year it came out. Kind of weird that I was recently quoting it with someone and thinking to myself how many years it's been since I've watched it. I was planning to netflix it...then here it was :)
 Feathers clipped in her hair....oh how trends come back around :)
This last photo I took in the theater and got in trouble by the little attendant dude, so, enjoy :)


  1. Clueless was a great Tv series ! Love the tastes of outfits and girls fashion styles !