Monday, October 31, 2011

Day of the Dead

Happy Halloween!
I'm planning to continue the weekend celebration tonight, even though the weekend was when most festivities were happening. I had so much fun being in Day of the Dead (aka sugar face/skull face) character Saturday night...although trying not to smile all night is harder than it sounds. 
Tonight I will have to be something different!
I wasn't sure what to be this year, but knew I wanted to do elaborate makeup with whatever I ended up as. Day of the Dead came to mind and was something I'd always wanted to when I found this perfect crochet black knit vintage dress out halloween shopping, I was sold. It took about an hour to do the makeup - tough part was just deciding what to do...there are so many options/colors/designs for makeup with this costume! I wanted it to be scary but beautiful, so I made sure to stay away from a completely black eye and add red, gold and jewels to lighten. 
Here is the photo journal of my night, (getting ready is always the most fun) including my friends the Ice Queen, Roller Girl, Hooters prego WT, the Witch, her dog, and Donatella Versace herself!


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