Monday, October 24, 2011


This past weekend I worked alongside The Agency Arizona in coordinating a fashion show presented by Faconnable, South Coast Plaza in Newport Beach.  I was backstage (actually, it was a tent) the majority of the time assisting the event coordinator. We started off with a practice run for the models... letting them get comfortable with walking the narrow 'pier' of a catwalk along the bay. Also important to get the timing right between models walking. After that I prepped the volunteer dressers, answered any questions the Faconnable clients had who were also in the tent to handle styling...and most importantly, called the model lineup from the cue of my headset partner/coordinator who had a direct view of the runway. I love the energy before a show...and the excitement when it's over and you know it went well!
Allison & I (my partner in crime who coordinated the event from The Agency AZ)
These hair and makeup artists really made it work considering the bad lighting conditions, lack of outlets, and muggy/damp/humid Newport harbor weather that makes it very difficult to hold curls. They were super calm and organized, and gave the models a natural feminine look.
(hairdesignsbyashley -coming soon!)
 (below: I took a pic with the dressers...all volunteers from FIDM who are eager to gain industry experience and be a part of a great event like this -they did a great job!
Yep....that's the 'runway'.....I would've been a bit nervous too as a model, but, it is much more intimidating at this dead-on glance than it actually was....see below...
 SHOW TIME! This was my final 'station'....calling the models from the tent, timing it and sending them down the runway. The only model picture I got (which isn't very good/clear!) was the finale which closes the show as all the models line up together on the runway and clap as they strike one last pose ;)  During the show I was a little-too-busy to be taking any pictures!
Did I mentioned how COLD it was being on that water at night?! Freezing. I said, the best/only show picture I could get :/
 The show was a success and thankfully none of the models fell into the bay :)
We packed up the clothing fast and were out of there...


  1. This looks so awesome! I hope you had fun :)

    xo Julia

  2. @Julia
    So much fun, thanks!! (although now I'm sick from being out in the cold weather for hours!!) Xo