Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Print Crazy

Here is my latest kimono-like floral print purchase that I can't stop throwing over everything I wear.When I layer it with sweaters over, it sort of has a scarf effect. I've worn it with a sweater under it as well, and that somehow works too. Usually I just throw it over a vintage T-shirt to spice up a casual relaxed look. This is a good piece to wear into winter even though it's light weight...I found it at a random boutique on Melrose, but Urban Outfitters has a similar one I really like HERE!
 Speaking of Urban Outfitters, I stopped by there Sunday and snagged these snakeskin slippers that I just had to have for some reason. I'm really not a 'slipper' type of girl, but I thought with skinny leather pants or a black pencil skirt, they could be kind of badass. It is also a hot Fall trend.
The striped sweater is another addition to my cropped knit collection I keep gathering for Fall 2011.
I just can't get enough.  

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  1. love the floral top! and great accessories!