Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sock Dilemma

Trends can be tricky and not everyone needs to try them...for instance, ankle socks. I've been on the fence about this trend since last year...I like them on other people (when done correctly) but for some reason when I try them on I just feel kinda stupid. It makes me feel like a child if that makes any sense? Trying it with a skinny rolled up pant might be a good start. More about this trend HERE
 What do you think - love or hate?
Marc jacobs runway & fashiontoast


  1. I think 5 people on earth could look cool doing this. 'In my humble opinion' - Patty Chase

  2. @Jennifer
    Yeahhh, agreed. Thx for your opinion, patty chase!

  3. I love this look on other people, just not convinced I can pull it off! xxx